Kenny Rogers Roasters: Awesome Senssessions with Solenn and Nico

What happens when your husband takes over your TVC shoot? In Solenn’s case, Kenny Rogers’ #sosychick, she gets out-sexy’d by husband Nico, who shows her that to be a true endorser, you need to make the chicken “your wing” while mesmerized crew watch his chiseled, healthy body posed this way and that. Nico tells Solenn, “The chicken and you is one”.


The result is a hilarious, viral video showcasing why everybody loves Solenn and Nico and why their partnership is our #RelationshipGoals. Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines’ newest ambassadors are the best couple to embody Kenny Rogers’ healthy and tasty menu options.


Solenn Heussaff, who the public first met in a adventure-filled reality show a few years ago, is a multi-talented, multi-hyphenated actress, model, TV host, model, singer, fashion designer, make-up artist and painter. She is one of the busiest artists around. In the meantime, husband Nico Bolzico is a businessman in the agri-tech industry and is becoming quite the celebrity himself – by being his goofy self in social media and pulling pranks on his famous wife.

Solenn and Nico with Mr. Leonardo M. Berba, General Manager of Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines

With Kenny Rogers’ new and tasty Garlic Butter Roast, this funny husband-and-wife team make the perfect pairing. “We wanted to take everyone through the sensory experience that our Garlic Butter Roast can bring. The home-style goodness of garlic and butter can transform any dish into a tempting and savory meal,” said Mr. Leonardo M. Berba, General Manager of Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines.

What happens when you call her ‘wifezilla’

Throughout the press conference with Kenny Rogers’ latest endorsers, Solenn and Nico appeared natural, very patient and having fun with each other and the media. We can easily see their rapport, chemistry and support with one another. They are delightfully self-aware and self-depreciating as well, never taking themselves too seriously but very dedicated to their craft. Nico even came up with the line “The chicken and you is one,” during their commercial shoot. The way Nico enthusiastically kept on taking bites of the food displayed in front of him (for the flatlay) throughout the press conference shows he really likes the brand. This makes Solenn and Nico with Kenny Rogers Roasters such awesome partners.

Kenny Rogers Roasters Garlic Butter Solo B Meal

Kenny Rogers Roasters has been serving its famous menu from its signature roasted chicken, muffins and side dishes since 1995, and continuously expanding their offerings by creating deliciously healthy choices. It’s what keeps Kenny’s deliciously awesome.

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