Kenny Roger’s epic feast is massive

See that photo of all the chicken, sides, pasta and rice? It comes in one epic package good for 8 at only 300 per person. Trust me when I say it’s more than enough for everyone. Heck, even get more people in on the feast!

Christmas is just around the corner (yes, we’re skipping Halloween here, sadly), and the people over at Kenny Rogers have already prepared a package deal for those looking to celebrate for any occasion, really.

Traditional plump roast pigs aside, office celebrations, small gatherings, and the general party to celebrate friendship, family, love, and everyone important usually comes with a roast chicken and varying forms and styles to accommodate pasta and drinks. Aside from the staples like sausages, hotdogs, among other things we look forward to in stuffing ourselves in merriment.

It’s no secret that Filipino tend to go overboard with food preparations to serve only the tastiest and best they have to offer to their beloved guests. It’s for that reason that Kenny Roger’s Roasters has prepared and entire feast in the grandest and heftiest way possible with Kenny’s Epic Christmas Feast ready for dine-in, take-out, or delivery just in time for the holiday cheers.

This awesome feast for eight (8) includes all of Kenny’s best sellers! Get ready to indulge in the mouth-watering goodness of one (1) whole Classic Roast Chicken, one (1) whole Garlic Butter Roast and one (1) bucket of OMG Unfried Fried Chicken! Epic Christmas Feast also includes two (2) Spaghetti Platters and two (2) orders each of these side dishes: Cheesy Broccoli, Potato Gratin, Mexican Corn Salsa and Fresh Fruit Salad! And to complete the Epic Feast, it comes with eight (8) cups of rice, eight (8) corn muffins and two (2) pitchers of Iced Tea or Soda. All for the awesome price of Php 2,400!

We tried this for ourselves with exactly 8 members in our group and you can trust me in saying there’s more than enough chicken, rice, and pasta to go around; even to those famished. Do try the corn salsa paired with the chicken, it serves as great contrast to the protein.

Now that is what you can truly call an Epic Christmas Feast!

This bundle is available starting October 16, 2017 at all Kenny Rogers Roasters branches.

For more information about Kenny’s and the Epic Christmas Feast, check out #EpicFeast and #ChooseAwesome on Instagram or go to You can also check out their website

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