Kaijo Steaks and Ramen

Kaijo serves up your Japanese fix without breaking the bank.

As the tagline right beneath the logo suggests, we were served with ramen and steak fit for Japanese cuisine enthusiasts on a budget.

We were pleasantly surprised at the cost of the items compared to the serving size.

Things to rave about include the curry based dishes that were thick and oozing with everything curry which did not taste like the powdered versions we have all but known when cheating.

The curry ramen, Kaijo’s version of a tantanmen had a good kick to it with the earthy notes from the spices though it did lack the zing most are accustomed to when offered something ‘spicy.’ Noodles are firm with just the right bite into it mellowed by the soup surrounding.

The chahan had all the right flavours though a little lacking on freshness and tastes a little bit too Filipino compared to the Japanes chahan of traditional styles.

The ramen are a standard affair with rich broth to supplement a lot of the experience paired with a generous serving of noodles and meat slices.

The gyoza needed a touch of spring onion to cut the meat flavor but it is all present there.

The staff are proud that a lot of the creations in the menu are hand-picked, prepared, and served by their very own hands from concept to actual dish served.

Probably the highlight of their menu is the wagyu steak which we are told is definitely not class A to keep the costs down. It will be a touch on the tough side but the experience for the budget i there.

Do check out Kaijo for yourselves for the affordable Japanese cuisine fix down south.

If you have tried it yourself, what do you think of their service and food? Let us know at the comments section below or on Twitter @MNLMash or @ginuhit.

Mabuhay Manila.

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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