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What makes or breaks a company, outside of the decision makers and stakeholders, are the people who make it work from the executives down to the custodians. recently launched a survey to everyone in the workforce on which companies they aspire to be part of and why they want to work in these forms or why they want to stay.

It was through a similar series of survey that showed jobseekers require competitive basic salary reflective of skills and talents as the primary reason for them to sign up for work.

We see a shift in 2017 where candidates are looking for more than just competitive basic salary, while still a large consideration, an additional measure of job security indicates an important factor as well.

This is indicative that the mindset of professional Filipinos have shifted to signing-up for long-term gains, career and development, and, surprisingly, be a member of a competitive and reliable team. These all go together with growth opportunities and promotions, career-enhancing training and programs, and development opportunities.

The strong leadership team requirement, a mentor or a team of mentors to guide professionals in their career trajectory, are now more preferred in the top 5 attributes of an aspirational company.

What’s your current job looking like compared to the criteria of what a company should be?

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