UPDATE: The Incredibles 2 (almost) trailer


Disney-Pixar has finally released the official (almost real) trailer of Incredibles 2! Suffice to say, it doesn’t say much at this point, still with just the appearance of Jack Jack and how he has powers too.

No capes!

Much ado about the upcoming sequel of The Incredibles, The Incredibles 2, Disney-Pixar decided to tease the fans into the sequels by calling in some of the names of fashion talking about Edna Mode.

The pivotal character of the first episode, Edna, a fashion icon, moved from creating the most explosive haute couture from models to superheroes when the call to her was made. The result? She is the only designer to fashion the most high-tech super-suits fit for only the super-est of heroes.

Pixar’s latest teaser focuses on just that, Edna Mode as the enabler of the superheroes.

“Edna hates capes, so we all hate capes” quips Heidi Klum in the interview about who Edna Mode is.

“In celebration of her many achievements, the fashion world talks about how The Incredibles’ Edna Mode, a true visionary, has inspired them throughout the years, from her explosive jumpsuits to her divisive view of capes. “Incredibles 2” hits theatres June 15, 2018,” includes Disney-Pixar in the description of the teaser.

Bravo, darling!

See the video below.

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