Inax Satis proper toilet pampering

Perhaps the last thing on our minds will be the details of the water closet (or toilet) that aid in our comfortable release of bodily fluids (and solids.)

How central is one’s bathroom and toilet to one’s pampered existence?

It is in those details that Okada Manila has taken up in partnership with Inax Satis. Creator and manufacturer of smart toilet systems that are thoughtfully crafted, high tech and pampering. Who thought the humble toilet could be a hotel room feature?

Satis is replete with techy creature comforts. It is the world’s most compact, fully-automated tank- less toilet system, manufactured by LIXIL, the Japanese global leader in shower seat technology.

In a short summary of what the Inax Satis can do is that it is a fully-automated toilet complete with air cleaning technolgy, automatic seat and cover sensors, flushing action, and other bells and whistles we hardly even considered looking to automate for a toilet.

Inax Satis —a showcase indeed of world class Japanese technology. A fitting complement to Okada Manila’s special brand of hospitality that wraps every guest in a cocoon of Omotenashi and Magokoro– the heart of Japanese hospitality– combined with Filipino warmth and hospitality that gives birth to an extraordinary level of service.

To know more about Inax and its fine bath products, please email and to experience a remarkable stay in the heart of Manila, reserve rooms online at or call +02 888-0777.

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