TIL: 8 things about nails and that I hate nail files

I sometimes wonder: “What is left on your fingers after having it “cured.” It was fortunate that my first experience came in the form of Nailandia, which, I’m told know their craft in making nails beautiful. I wouldn’t have known since I hardly notice my nails anyway. Let alone my toes – the last I saw them, or paid any sort of attention to them was when I remove my socks after every day. Done deal.

I have never understood why women have to go through having their nails done. I don’t feel anything “pampered” specially after all the cleaning and the buffing. Though I did discover some key points in why. I believe I have unlocked the mystery of why nails are a thing for women.

Today, I received the full manicure and pedicure treatment by Nailandia in partnership with the new Orly Beatheable and FujiFilm Instax. Today I learned:

1. I now have a new hatred against nail files. Seriously, why? It’s irritating and disconcerting. Whoever invented nail filing has some secret vendetta on women who have their nails done. It’s not comfortable at all!

2. There are more things that need to be removed outside of just the excess nails. There’s the cuticle, the dead skin and rough nail bits.

3. Women are helpless for the next hour while waiting for the nail polish to dry.

4. This is supposed to be a relaxing affair. Which I didn’t understand since a lot of the treatment goes to a part of the body that doesn’t have nerve endings.

5. Without Orly’s Breathable technology, my nails would turn yellow. This way, the polish treats and cures while making your nails look good.

6. All women can tell if their nails are done. Even without touching it. They just know. Trust them.

7. I really want the new Instax with digital output. Also, cool Instax photos!

8. There’s an Orly line for men that’s not as glossy. It’s matte.

9. That the shades and colors come in ‘barely there’ and ‘pamper me’ which have corresponding numbers that are specific to a color.

There may be more than those I have mentioned but I have yet to receive a secondary manipedi to know for sure. Yes, it will look good on camera when I hold things. Check.

That’s about the benefit for me. It still feels awkward being rid of cuticle, and whatever skin they had to trim off during the process. My shiny new nails are a little bit fragile as I write this article and I have found new respect for women who need to keep looking great including their nails.

I have yet to find  out how all women know when a polish is dry I don’t know how I “just know.”

I have yet to know how the naming convention for color happens and how the numbers thing work and how everyone understands what color they mean just by saying the numbers.

Perhaps you can experience this for yourself and let me know. Ask for the Orly Breathable and have it done in Nailandia. Then hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit and share your thoughts! Happy polishing!

YouTube Video here.

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