Hinoki Paper Shoot is the digitized Lomo cam

There was a time, in the era of photography, lomography came into fruition bringing the rugged aspect of taking shots to the streets.

The idea was simple – take the shots in the moment.

It removed the aspect of fiddling with shutter speed, aperture, and looking for compositions. The lomo cams just let you take creative shots with the use of lenses, light leaks, and multiple aspects of what typically “destroys” an image and make it work with your photo.

Though we see a re-emergence of film by the wayside, a Taiwanese company took it upon themselves to emulate the idea of lomo in digital form. Thus, the Paper Shoot was formed.

Hinoki’s Paper Shoot takes away many of the intricacies of digital photography and boils it down to the basics; namely: the sensor, the lens, the shutter, the battery, and the memory card.

All you have to do now is to just take a shot. Take it in the moment.

The Paper Shoot’s body is composed of two panels of wood holding together the internals in a nifty, crafty sort of way with just two aesthetic screws.

The setup is fairly simple too; open it up, add the batteries, in this case two AAAs, then insert the SD card. Pop on the magnetically attachable lens then you’re ready to go.

Press and hold the shutter button for about 3 seconds and the right indicator light will tell you its ready.

A beep together with the left indicator light will tell you a shot has been taken.

Hinoki estimates that about 1,000 shots can be taken on a standard AAA battery cycle.

Here are the sample shots.

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The Paper Shoot will take 5MP shots at about an average of 1 MB per image. The system can accommodate about 32GBs of storage which means you can load about an estimate 32,000 shots in this bad boy.

This will come at a price though at P5,990 PHP or $120 USD or $3,590 TWD and is not water-resistant nor is it shock resistant.

#ShootWithWonder with the Hinoki Paper Shoot.

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Mabuhay Manila.

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