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I remember a friend who was joining me for a trip asking about details of our flight where I called up the email and lo and behold his surprise why my version was easily readable and organized compared to the standard email with all those unnecessary numbers, words, and punctuation marks amongst all the gibberish you have to sift through just to look for the airport terminal.

That was just one of the many functions of Google Gmail’s Inbox. The smarter version of you favorite email client.

You can just as easily access this function for yourself either on the web or on your phone. Just type and the browser will welcome you to a whole new dimension of email management.

From the very beginning, you will notice three highlighted categories that Inbox has sorted out for you auto-magically; namely: updates, promos, and social – where as the labels suggest, Inbox can recognize newsletters from your favorite brands you’ve signed up for and place them all in updates; See all emails with sales, and, well, promos, under the promos category; and, all your social media notifications all in one place.

All emails recognized to contain bank related files will fall under the finance label and be sorted there popping up at the top of the list in case you have bank statements, accounts to manage, stock market reports, and just about anything finance management related.

Purchases will come back on top the moment your email receives receipts and notes from purchases you have recently made including mails from banks about credits and deposits.

The trips label comes up the moment Inbox recognizes you have a booking sent to your email which will auto-magically create a separate quick-look feature of the important details such as time, terminal, destination, and point of origin. An additional reminder feature (through the Google app) can be activated in to ring you up when a flight is delayed or is currently boarding notifying you inside the app directly.

These are all above the features you can use your Gmail with plus integrative ones like reminders directly available from the create a new file button or email addresses of the most recent conversations you’ve recently hailed.

Dismiss, archive, create high or low-priority tags to specific email addresses or schedule a time of the day you would want to be notified about specific labels or days of the week in case you want all finances to be managed during Saturdays so you won’t have to miss another email regarding paying credits or covering balances, for example.

To think you;e been manually archiving and labeling each email your whole life just for something as simple as email management where Google, via Gmail, have had it sorted out for you for years now.

Go ahead, try it out for yourself. I may have just solved some of your email management problems for you.

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Mabuhay Manila.

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