GoogleHacks: Google Docs

Part three of the GoogleHacks series talks about an application a lot of Filipinos dismiss. It’s a surprise people are only finding out about Google Docs only after I have mentioned it.

It fairly certain everyone reading this are already familiar with Microsoft Office’s Word processor. Everyone who wants to apply for a job has this as a basic requirement.

When asked for alternatives the best option I am given is Open Office, the open-source version of Microsoft Office.

Lo and behold, to everyone’s surprise, they apparently have yet to discover the beauty of Google Docs.

Think Microsoft Office Word but take it online and save documents in the cloud. Unless you need to specialize in the intense functions and features of a document, Google Docs lets you do pretty much most of the tasks you might need to write down, attach pictures on, among other things.

The best part? Quite a few.

Apart from it being free, all you will need is an internet connection and go to accessed via your Gmail account.

Templates are readily available in case you need a specific layout from creating brochures, essays, class notes. project proposals, new letter, business proposals. book reports, and lesson plans.

The application can stand alone or in tandem with your Google Drive for easier access on these documents. The same files can also be accessed from your Drive and clicking on a document will open another tab with said document.

Extending the cloud convenience allows you to take your files to your phone via an app for both Android and iOS users.

In case you have more than one people working on the same document say, a group thesis, for example, simply sharing the document will let everyone in on the same file and edit live complete with color coordination and name of user doing said editing.

Speaking of editing, users can add comments, make suggestions via a highlight, voice type with Google’s speech recognition software and add so many third-party add-ons for specific needs such as rhyme finder and email designer so you can craft your HTML enabled email for that professional looking e-newsletter.

For those that don’t have Microsoft Office and need to view files and documents, all you have to do is upload it to Google Drive or Google Docs itself and view or edit there and even save as Microsoft Office for sending answers back.From this point simply attach the document from Gmail directly from your Google Drive with your reply.

Nifty, isn’t it? Give Google Docs a try and perhaps I might have saved you on costs with the need to always get the pricier, less convenient version.

Drew Uy

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