Google Hacks: Google Keep

Episode 2 will talk about an unassuming app, this time called Google Keep.

Launched back in 2013, Google Keep is a notetaking app that allows you to do way more than just take notes.

Think of it as a hyper-Post It note with capabilities far from just a simple note. Add links, hashtags, photos, drawings, among so many other things from a very humble looking white digital pad.

The notetaking feature will come standard across the entire experience. There will be 8 preset colors for the pads for some color-coordinating on specific notes. A list with checkboxes can also be found in one of the buttons below a pad for grocery lists or vacation packing checklists.

Reminders come integrated that syncs with Google Now allowing you to geo-tag a reminder from a preset location, time, date, or place.

An add a collaborator button lets you, well add people into the note for real-time jotting down of important minutes or simply share your notes to someone else or the team.

A feature that many who are familiar to Keep don’t realize that there’s a hashtag feature to label specific notes into categories. Just add the # at the beginning and Keep will recognize the label and sort things out for you auto-magically.

Add photos in notes, draw on said photo in said note, send to friends, send to Google Docs (a separate article), or pin in to the top for your convenience. As per standard Google affair, Google Keep is 100% free to use.

If you’ve used Keep before among other notetaking apps, what makes it different for you compared to Evernote or One Note, for example?

Here’s a video of us discussing the features of Google Keep.


What’s your notetaking app? Do you still prefer the pen and the paper? Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit.

Check out for a quick tutorial on the full capabilities of Google Photos or get it from Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

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