Go with the Flow Spa by Marco Polo

The journey to relaxation immediately begins as the door opens at FLOW SPA. The premiere spa is operated by no less than Asmara Spa – a pioneer in spa operations in the Philippines with branches in some of the best hotels in the country.
Located at the 22nd floor of Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, the entire floor is focused on amenities from the pool, the gyms, sauna and overall rest and relaxation.

FLOW SPA At Marco Polo Ortigas Manila offers a wide range of treatments and massage services perfect for unwinding and relaxation.

The mellow and relaxing music immediately fills the room directly followed by the inviting water from the fountain that balances the ambiance of white butterflies adorning different spaces right upon entry.

The expertly trained staff are more than accommodating, welcoming to what relaxation sounds and feels like. After being seated, hot towels are handed to start you off in prepping your senses to the upcoming rejuvenating and relaxing treatment.

We were then guided to our room complete with robes, towels, shower room, and sauna for whatever package you avail of.

Speaking of package, request for the Flow Spa Signature for a full 90 minutes of relaxation. A lot of the tension was expertly rubbed away by the therapists trained hands adjusting for pressure whenever needed or when she notices some wincing from a hard pressure. Afterwards, we were asked to dress up and hot tea was waiting for us to keep the internals warm and to release some built up toxins as well. In case you are staying in Marco Polo, give the Flow Spa a visit specially if you happen to be feeling a knot underneath your shoulders that need a little bit of tension release.

If you’ve tried the experience yourself, how was your treatment like? Let us know at the comments section below or on Twitter @MNLMash. Mabuhay Manila.

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