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Ricoh Philippines, a global leader in office productivity, wants you to go beyond the ctrl + p and then enter to print your documents. Ricoh enhances collaborations and drive productivity for businesses and offices alike that are catered towards seeing the printer as a toolset and smart equipment to empower employees and streamline business process.

“We are primarily a service company offering and supporting our innovative projectors, interactive whiteboards, and multifunction colored printers. To give companies flexible and affordable ways to acquire these solutions, we offer a variety of financing and rental options,” said Eric Sulit, Ricoh Philippines, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer.

Digital Multifunction Colored Printers

Ricoh highlighted today two of their newest multifunction colored printers (MFPs) – the MPC4504exSP and the MPC2004EXSP – that are equipped with the revolutionary Ricoh Smart Operation Panel (SOP)

The SOP provides multiple processes and shortcuts to bypass what makes making multiple copies of a document, for example, Ricoh added multiple gesture controls to their control panel to make efficient use of functions and space. It even include cloud capabilities to view documents remotely and share information with devices.

The EZ Plus even adds a staple-less version of automatically linking up to 5 pages right after print seen below.

Real time collaboration through interactive whiteboards

The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard IWB-D6510 enables businesses to collaborate through digital meetings. The interactive whiteboard can share to 20 users to show the presentation on web-connected devices. At the same time, if there are two IWBs in separate locations, there can be real-time collaboration for architects, for example.

The IWB takes the old and adapts it to the new with write, draw, edit, resize, move, and share functions easily made available and other intuitive functions like recognize handwritten words and letters into type-faced versions. Integration with Skype, webcam technologies, among other functions enable IWB to a wider range of applications. Further, anything and everything discussed on the IWB can be sent via email to all participants involved.

Short Throw Projection

The Ricoh PJ-WX4152N Ultra Short Throw Projector saves space while keeping projection quality and clarity to at 4.6 inches from the projection surface. This close-proximity projector displays media at 1280 x 800 WXGA wide format resolution.

The PJ-WX4152N also allows users to bring important information together from up to four different devices onto a single screen. It can also be equipped with the Ricoh Smart Presenter app to be able to invite iPad users to view the presentation remotely. Moreover, users can pair it with Ricoh’s Business Projection System to share the same presentation in up to four different locations.
It also features impressive contrast ratios up to 13,000:1 and 3,500 lumens to project color-rich images even in the most sunlit meeting rooms. The projector can also detect and automatically balance keystone distortions for worry-free presentations.

Ricoh Service Advantage

Of course, Ricoh Philippines wants to place the customers at the forefront with an upgrade on post-sale customer service.

“Being a service oriented company we constantly innovate and improve our service offerings,” Sulit added.
Ricoh Philippines leads the service charge by being one of the first companies in its industry to use iPads with Field Service Automation software to manage service assignments and requests.
By September, Ricoh will be launching a new service called Ricoh Remote Assistance—a service which will allow Ricoh to remotely troubleshoot machines on customer premises.

“These Ricoh products are sold and serviced directly by Ricoh Philippines, so customers are assured of high quality and excellent servicing, which begins from customers’ selection and decision-making stages, and continues beyond after sales. Ricoh’s total solutions and services ultimately allow us to achieve our goals of empowering digital workplaces by helping businesses and their employees work better and smarter,” Sulit said.

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