Globe 0917 Apparel

If you are a millenial, xenial, or part of Gen X, you would have encountered having a mobile number that started with 0917. Even nowadays, there are more people who use Globe numbers. 7 out of 10 would have Globe which is why it comes as no surprise that the 0917 Apparel line of Globe is such a huge hit.


Every season, they come up with new designs and what makes their apparel wearable is that the branding is done in good taste. It is understated but seen and felt. It also complements whatever you may be wearing.

The 0917 apparel can be worn daily, to casual parties, on a date, or even at work if you have a more laidback environment. It comes off as casual chic and the prints, though loud at times, still complements the basics.

There are apparel available for both men, women and kids. They also have prints that can be worn by kids and kids at heart such as the Pokemon line that they lauched during the hype of the Pokemon Go craze. They even have Wonder Woman prints and other DC Comics characters. Best part is that they also offer NAS Daily prints, Disney Classics, and Star Wars.

They also offer lifestyle accessories to complete your look and ensure that you are always OOTD worthy.

You can buy Globe Apparel at Globe stores or online.

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