Giulia by Casa Italia

Just outside of the Hypermarket in The Block, SM North Edsa is Giulia by Casa Italia

Casa Italia is a casual dining restaurant in Bonifacio Global City and now they have a more Western approach on food under the name of Giulia.

Fun fact: Named after the grandmother’s owner

The interiors of the place are very reminiscent of beautiful Italian restaurants

What came to our table first was the Four Cheese Pizza (Php 295) (thin crust pizza topped with mozzarella, white cheese, emmental and cheddar cheese) – it was cheesy good

The Creamy Prawn Pasta caught up with us and it had a little spice to it and it was delicious although a bit pricy for Php 315

The Beef Pot Roast (Php 395) arrived and the plating was a little disappointing. It’s braised beef with rosemary in brown sauce served with garlic rice which sounds like they’ll serve the dish with an actual pot with beef inside but instead served it with a normal wide plate which didn’t look appealing. It might not have been an eye catcher but it certainly caught my taste buds. It was delicious.

The Legend (Php 495) made a grand entrance which was their own take of the juicy fried chicken served with crispy fries and corn on the cob. The meat was tender and when you pair it with their gravy, it certainly tastes legendary.

It’s for sharing but you can order it for yourself with garlic rice for Php 285

They also have something new on their menu called adobo flakes. It’s worth checking out.

For desserts I tried a lot of their Gelatos. They divided their flavours into Signature and Premium. The Signatures are imported flavours while the latter was local.

Their Cookie Butter was good although the taste can get boring after awhile. The After 8 was minty and the Peanut Butter was nice.

My favourite Gelato has to be the Bailey’s. I like how they kept that alcohlic flavor adding more of a punch to the gelato experience.

Overall this is a very nice restaurant with great gelatos for desserts and you should definitely give it a try.

Have you tried Giulia for yourself? Let us know what was the experience like at the comments section below or over at Twitter and Instagram @MNLMashFood.

This foodie meet up was done in partnership with Zomato. Giulia by Casa Italia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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