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Status quo aside, it still stands Troo that businesses geared towards insurance have become boring means of investments specially to millenials.

It’s scary, it’s sketchy, it’s awkward, and it’s weird listening to Gen Xers talk about investment and insurance and the like. Together with fears of big insurance banks and how easy it is for a seemingly gigantic corporation to close-up shop in just a day.

Troo is a 50-50 life insurance joint venture between EastWest Banking Corporation, and Ageas Insurance International NV a global insurance company with presence in 16 countries in Europe and Asia.

Bancassurance operations started in April 2016 with Troo Advisors serving FIlipinos in 48 EastWest stores. Today, Troo is in all 387 EastWest stores nationwide, providing financial advice and life insurance solutions.

“After having rolled out to all EastWest stores nationwide, six months ahead of schedule, we believe that this is the time to announce to everyone that Troo is here for the Filipino. The brand is designed to be “mobile-first” to connect with the mobile savvy Filipinos. Our name reflects our desire to be honest and true to our values and that of our customers. We aim to be a genuine game-changer, bringing a refreshing approach to the insurance industry,” said Troo President & CEO Mr. Hans Loozekoot.

For a 1 year old company, Troo has helped more that 150,000 Filipinos protect their families by planning their tomorrow so they can live their best lives today. And partnering wit companies that are masters of their industries will help Troo go even further.

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