Generika Drugstore Wins ASEAN Inclusive Business Award

ASEAN Business Awards (ABA) awarded Generika Drugstore as the first recipient of the Inclusive Business Award last September 6 at the Solaire Resort and Casino. This special award was only added to the ABA this year and it is given to companies who had shown a significant impact in the marginalized sectors on the communities. Launched in 2007 by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, the ABA carefully  selected companies that contributed to the growth and prosperity of the ASEAN economy. Besting other inclusive and impactful business organizations in the ASEAN region, Generika Drugstore won ABA’s recognition through its public service and commitment in the retail of generic medicines.

Generika Drugstore is in partnership with Ayala Healthcare Holdings Inc. (AC Health) with over 700 branches nationwide. From its humble beginnings, providing safe, affordable, and quality generics has always been its core mission. The fast growth of the company has seen to it that other healthcare services such as Gamot (medicine) Guide, MedPadala (e-gift certificate), and mobile laboratory as well as free medical consultations, are added to their service.

According to the founder of Generika Drugstore, Mr. Ted Ferrer, “Generika Drugstore has always focused on and prioritized the health needs of the poorer sector of the country since it opened its first store 14 years ago. We have positively disrupted and changed the landscape of the pharma retail industry. Slowly communities are persuaded to try generic equivalents, and found them to be as effective with up to up to 85% savings compared to its branded counterpart. Now, even long-established pharma retail chains who used to offer branded medicines only are offering generic medicines as well.”

Paolo F. Borromeo, CEO of AC Health and Managing Director of Ayala Corporation, sent his congratulatory note to Generika Drugstore and has stated “We have always believed in Generika Drugstore’s vision of providing access to quality affordable generic medicines, and this resonates deeply with Ayala’s commitment to improving lives. We are excited to be partners in Generika Drugstore’s continued growth and expansion. With 1,000 stores by 2020, Generika Drugstore will be at the forefront of bringing quality healthcare to more Filipino families from all walks of life.

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