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We have all but heard all the different types and kinds and versions of co-working spaces peppered all around the metro.

It’s always nice to discover niches upon niches of pockets of workspaces looking to welcome more and more people to create a community of minds banding together in acollective effort to make the world a better place.

Such is the idea behind Gather, a modest co-working space cum cafe cum a mini artisanal craft store located at the heart of Las Pinas offering the services usually limited to centrals of business districts.

The vibe starts immediately from the recycled wood chip pressed into a table as desks or dinning tables depending on your point and purpose.

The same materials used for the counter are decorated with locally crafted snacks, coffee, tea leaves, and chocolates. Setting the mood further are options of cool or warm lights depending on need.

Warm greetings will welcome you in the form of kuya Jomi who will be responsible for your orders and requests.

Displayed are also arts and accessories by small makers that are featured on the website.

“The idea behind Gather was initially a webstore helping out jewelry makers, artists, and craftsmen in opening their businesses to wider audience. The original plan for the space we are renting out now was supposed to serve as our office with a small store for those brands and items we carry,” Says Michelle Sario-Goodwin, co owner of Gather Workspace. “We have now pushed our office to a smaller space in favor of the cafe, and then pushed it further to this tiny space in favor of the co-working space to allow more and more people to, well, gather together and enjoy their time with us.”

It shows too what with the generous space, amply speedy internet connection and power sockets all around the venue. “Gather is meant to call southerners to collaborate and generate more ideas in a world already packed full of ideas,” ends Michelle.

Gather Workspace is located at 2nd floor #21 One Princeway building, Unit 202-204, BF Resort Village, BF Resort Dr, Las Pinas, Metro Manila above Sigsaga.

Introductory rates will set you back for P3,500 per month available from Mondays to Fridays with unli WiFi, unli coffee, and 10% cafe discount for the full month beofre 5PM, 5% meeting room discount and 5% venue rental discount plus 10% discount n added value services.

Drew Uy

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