Freedom of Espresso! – Libertad Coffee

Looking for the next coffee shop outside of the 4 major, commercial coffee groups?
Fret no more as Libertad Coffee has exactly that for you.

The shabby-chic mood begins with the door handle made out of pipes that opens up to the rustic-refurnished-but-buffed space of cement and embellishments from the low-hanging chandelier towards the unconventional bike seat and turntable hung on the walls.
It’s complete in its incompleteness yet the rustic semi-complexity of the decor works.

Unbeknownst to everyone Libertad hides a former audio studio, tucked behind two doors, that is still under construction, to be formed into a semi private room and an office where the sound mixer used to be. They still haven’t fully committed to the idea but they’ll take on one idea soon.

Much of the options are a standard affair from the coffee concoctions down to the sandwiches as seen from the photo above.
The americano is not as harsh and bitter but still strong with mellow undertones. The con panna was a delightful kick subdued only by the yoghurt based cream – to encourage lactose intolerants with their daily dose of caffeine.

The breve was creamy but maintained the strong taste over the half and half. It’s a familiar affair with the machiatto that starts sweet from the caramel that is immediately contrasted with the milk and then caps you off with the espressso shot on top.

Sandwiches came next in form of pastrami, tuna and crab and the chorizo. The mustard contrast on top of cheesed pastrami inside a toasted loaf slice complemented our drinks well. The tangily sour salami sandwich worked to cut the coffee away. The tuna and crab came the heartiest packed with meat and dressing that was both sweet and properly salty.

Paul, Libertad’s owner, are still waiting on service providers to supply lines so they can provide WiFi to customers but power sockets are a plenty should you need a quite place to work or to do editing.
Visit Libertad over at G/F The Gallery, Amorsolo street, Makati.

Drew Uy

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