Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Fenty Beauty dropped in all Sephora stores last September 8 and we were lucky enough to get our hands on it in Sephora Kota Kinabalu last September 10. Thankfully, the Malays in Kota Kinabalu are not as crazed as their other Asian and American counterparts so we were able to see the complete line up of Fenty Beauty.

Launched in 1,600 stores across 17 countries, Fenty Beauty is definitely a game changer. Rihanna created Fenty Beauty “so that women everywhere would be included.” The line wa designed to be worn by women all over the globe, no matter their skin type or tone, or their style. With 40 shades of foundation in a featherweight formula that is still strong enough to serve as an Instagram filter for your face, you no longer have any reason to not be camera ready.  The complexion-focused line also features universally-flattering highlighters. Here’s a quick preview.

Sephora in Kota Kinabalu had posters all over so it’s very easy to spot. Fenty Beauty is also strategically placed in both entrances. The poster of Rihanna is very hard to miss especially with her piercing stare.


Now let’s talk about the actual product, the Fenty Beauty.  The Fenty Beauty collection has plenty of neutrals for a natural look, as well as some impressive highlighters and high-gloss lip colors. It also boasts of 40 shades for foundations that cater not only to the fair skinned but to our darker skinned sisters who deserve to have a shade of their own and complement their gorgeous skin color.


The little nuances in the shade of the foundation makes it so easy to find your perfect shade. There is no need anymore to combine two foundations just to get the perfect match.

Fenty Beauty also has concealers, a blush and highlight duo with a compact mirror, creamy stick highlighters, makeup brushes, lip glosses, a beauty blender, and a tube of blotting papers.

Each item comes in a rosy, bronzey, warm shades and compacts and tubes that is a muted Millenial pink that borders on neutrals or nude.

Instagram: FentyBeauty


As mentioned, we were able to give this a try and here’s our quick impressions on the Fenty Beauty line:

  1. Primer is easily absorbed and adjusts to any color since it’s an almost clear liquid. It is not sticky at all which is good for Philippine weather which tends to be bipolar, going from extremely hot to crazy rains.
  2. Foundation line has 40 shades. Enough said.
  3. Gloss Bomb is not a lipstick. It is a sheer lip gloss meant to make any lips look plumper and you, the one wearing it, a bombshell.
  4. Beauty Cream Stick is perfection. As long as you get the right shade for yourself, this will turn you from a walking zombie to selfie ready at any moment. It does not become cakey and just gets absorbed by your skin and make you look perfect.
  5. Highlighters. There is one for any skin color and the combinations provided are a match no matter what your color is.


So there you go ladies. Have you ordered yours? Let me know via Twitter what your thoughts are @mskathykenny. Here’s mine.

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