Epilogue brings global travelcuisine to S Maison

It is known that food is what transports you to a nation’s culture. In many ways, this is what patrons of Epilogue will experience.

Epilogue is a newly opened Fine Bistro located at S Maison. Their promise? To bring every diner to a culinary experience that highlights the best experiences from countries around the world.

Epilogue is a concept drawn from the Japanese dedication to craft and mastery called “kodawari.’ The brand collaborated with several experts and experienced chefs who practice kodawari and have extensive training in different parts of the globe to become masters in their chosen culinary specialty.

The tasting menu they served the guests of opening night was crafted specially for that occasion only and will not be available in the menu (apart from a secret menu, I was told, so we can all be hopeful the day arrives soon.)

We were started with watermelon gazpacho, escabeche, and focaccia.

The escabeche, done with crispified anchovy worked wonders to give a good crunch right under the curry cauliflower mousse that emulated a lot of the street dish. The watermelon gazpacho splendedly complimented the poached prawn ala cocktail. The focaccia was a standard affair stuffed with ham and cheese to settle the appetite.

Mains came in the form of consomme royal, catfish croquette, and canard.

The consomme royal with the wonderfully foamed mushrooms slid down the tongue while emanating smoky and earthy flavors setting you up for the foie gras ravioli that was just the right amount of kick contrasted by the gobo chips. The catfish croquette had a fresh crunch over the grassy and earthy moringa powder. Finally the smoked duck filled the protein needed from the course.

Desserts came in the form of salad vert and nougat ice.

This salad vert had all the right crunch on the outside and all the right smoothness on the inside with a pleasant nutty surprise while the passionfruit-vanilla dressing contrasted the sweetness with a touch of freshness and sourness.

This passionfruit sorbet is equal parts sweet, fresh, and reinvigorating with the sourness dancing along the lemongrass gelee and the raspberry coulis.

A lot o the expertise is shown and can be found on the food on the plates.

Multiple chefs are working together to complete Epilogue’s thoughtfully crafted menu that is set to change at least twice a year.

Every step of the way, chefs that make up Epilogue’s flavors, immersed themselves in the techniques and skills of every new country they explore. Each culinary master seamlessly combines Western flair with Eastern touch, bringing their diners on an exceptional gastronomic adventure.

Epilogue is by homegrown brand Food Revolution Group. Learn more about Epilogue at www.epilogue.ph or visit them at G/F S Maison, Conrad Manila, Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

If you’ve tried Epilogue for yourself, how was your experience like? Let us know at the comments section below. Or hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit if you have questions.

Mabuhay Manila.

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