Elait: disabled enabler

The only way for us to progress as a society is when we start making conscious decisions in allowing anyone and everyone the same oppostunities regardless fo race, culture, tradition, or ability.

It’s not always case, unfortunatley, even in progressive countries. It’s not a common sight seeing a business allow persons with disabilities to start working for them. Let alone even consider the thought.

That’s what Elait has started for themselves allowing the deaf-mute and hearing impaired the same opportunities that are given to everyone else.

Their solution? Aside from the usual pen and paper and the white board for exclamations and calling out names, Elait included some nifty quick guide on using sign language to order.

And it’s heartwarming despite being served ice-cold freshly rolled frozen yoghurt smashed with fruits.

Our attendant, Mari, had an indicator that she was deaf, expertly smashed, chopped, flattened, and rolled our previously wattery treat now frozen and rolled, topped with strawberries and other sweets. All silently, all with a smile.

Experience all of this for yourself at second floor Century City Mall by the kids section. You get to make your kids happy while supporting a really good cause and business that will enable another person to be able to live a better life, one wherein they are more appreciated and not undermined.

ElaitPH. Happiness in a cup.

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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