Echo-nomics with Echo Store

We’ve always been taught to support locally crafted and manufactured goods in order to cultivate what is truly ours.

We’ve always been taught to patronize those of our own creations and devices to keep local trade abuzz. Perhaps to soften global impact in case the world trade would crash, perhaps just to keep a competitive market so imported brands will keep costs at a fair trade.

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What are we to do now if we can’t get to said locally crafted goods? Fortunately for you Echostore carries many of aforementioned brands to cater to the far-flung areas, the minority, the remote and provide an avenue for them to sell their goods in Manila.

Echostore is a concept put together to provide a healthier, more sustainable, approach to our daily personal and household needs.

We came across names like Ilog ni Maria that crafts personal hygiene goods out of pure beeswax previously only available online or through journeying to Tagaytay. Or Kala Milk, body care fashioned from carabao’s milk for that naturally moisturizing feel.

If you want to support locally made and locally available goods, head on over to the nearest EchoStore and check out what they have in store for you! Have something specific you are looking for? Leave a comment below or on Twitter @ginuhit with #MNLMash and #VocaLocal.
Mabuhay Manila.

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