Dog’s Year Outlook Optimistic says Philstocks

There’s a lot that people have yet to understand when it comes to stock marketing as well as how someone can potentially earn from it. It was fortunate to have Jun Calaycay, Department Head of Philstocks Research, give a short summary on how it all works.

What happens around us, like a new telecommunications company coming in to compete with Globe and Smart, for example, can influence the market in multiple ways, it could weaken Globe or Smart depending on who partners with whom, or strengthen their hold in the market with a less-than-stellar competitor.

The case of the current president’s BBB, or Build-Build-Build, to provide infrastructure and construction could increase spending and increase bullishness of the market to a very very optimistic 11,000 points.

These and many other factors come into play like the TRAIN – phase one, could allow a more fluid economy by allowing more spending from the general population.

Overall, surprises in the last year with up-trends in the market allow a lot of breathing room for 2018 as well as confidence of investors and the optimism of the market in general.

Things to look out for will be the dialogue of the incoming third player in the telecommunications industry as well as infrastructure.

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