DIY your ROI with Ad Summit Pilipinas 2018

Where the cool people at?

This is where the industry gathers every two years to catch up to the demands of the times.

The Ad Summit Pilipinas is the biggest learning event in the Philippines that bring together ideas and turn it into change forba better world.

The idea of measurement is so critical nowadays what with competition being so different from 25 years ago and is becoming tougher.

There’s now a call that agencies have to give bang for buck if not more for the client’s money.

We are now looking on maximizing returns in terms of ads spent.

There is now an over obssession on the letters ROI or Retun of Investment.

Is revenue the only form of return now?

We hear that brands are killed online as we observe that a small mistake blows out of proportion when taken online. This is without a product yet. Just the brand.

Open eyes and minds that returns should not only come from revenue

This is why the AD Summit is calling for industry leaders to rethink the I of ROI and call for insight, inspiration and other adjectives and adverbs to change the mindset of companies.

“It is through those gamechanging messages that we can impact greater and broader change to the people we cater to the brands as well as the audience,” says Norman Agatep, Chairperson for AD Summit Pilipinas 2018. “It is about money but should be more than just revenue, it should call for action, it should call for change.”

The AD Summit Pilipinas 2018 will be held in Subic in March.

Regsitration fees:

Early bird rate:

P16,000 + 12% VAT – 1st July to 31st October 2017

Regular Delegate

P19,000 + 12% VAT – 1st November to 2nd February 2018

P25,000 + 12% VAT – 3rd February to Onsite Registration

Group rates: 1 free for every 10


1. Entrance to plenary sessions and talks

2. Officially sponsored meals

3. Shuttle service to and from summit venues and accredited hotels

4. Kidlat Awards night

5. Sponsored parties and special events

Studet rate:

P7,000 – student’s rate (only for first 300 students academe delegates)

Academe: for every 10 students, 1 free ( professor or dean, or school head)

All rates exclusive of:

1. Hotel accommodations including breakfast

2. Transportation to and from city/province of destination.

What do you think of next year’s theme?

Mabuhay, Manila.

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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