The details directors work for

Unbeknownst to many Filipinos, directors, filmmakers, editors, and videographers all work so hard to making the audience feel a certain way, evoke a certain reaction, and call forth a connection to make the viewers feel, know, and understand what they are trying to say without, themselves, speaking to the audience directly.

Apart from the obvious of which actors say and emote the feeling, or how camera angles show you certain details you are supposed to see, and the dramatic background music you are supposed to hear, color plays a vital role in visually stimulating you and setting your mind on what you can possibly expect.

Take into consideration the theme and color scheme of Sin City. It’s all black, white, and gray with the occasional refractions of light to make you focus on the character more and to what the character is trying to say. The moment a flash of hot red comes across the screen, you are then immediately drawn into giving that all your attention as if whatever they have to say is suddenly irrelevant and that the way the colors work are more important for now before we return to regularly scheduled programs.

This can only be realized and experienced if you have the tools and the media to back the quality of the piece.

Fortunately, Panasonic’s new OLED 4K HD TV lineup allows just that with Panasonic’ signature 4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro which is basically a technology that employs six colors – RGB CYM – instead of the standard RGB that we have been using since Technicolor.

In sum, the latest TV allows for a specific set of colors for more color combinations that allow for deep blacks and the most vivid reproductions of whatever image is being projected.

Details and all, Panasonic’s latest technologies make a revolutionary change in the direction of accuracy and rich media.

What do you think of Pansonic’s latest TV lineup? Let us know at the comments section below.

Mabuhay, Manila.

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