Dear PR

First, let us congratulate you on almost always doing an awesome job. Second, let us recognize that your job is VERY, VERY hard to do and maintain. The constant need to always smile, be accomodating, understanding, and what not of the many demands, idiosyncracies, pettiness, and sense of entitlement of some people can be quite draining so yes, we realize that your job can be very toxic.

However, there are also some things that can be improved on how things go and this is all for our MUTUAL benefit so I hope you give this article a once over at the very least and if you walk away from this with something positive then this article would have served it’s purpose.

  1. We do not need to be “friends.” When we say this, we mean that if you really do not like us, you do not need to pretend to like us. There is no need to go out and hang out with us outside of business hours. There is no need to “forge” a so-called friendship. We can be professionals and be simply colleagues. We will be nice and you can be accomodating during events and when we reach out to ask questions. It works better on both sides so that there would be less “omigod she was just being PR mode to me?!?!?!?!” Of course if you really want to be our friend then hell yes we’d love to be one!
  2. Two or more press releases on the same brand in one day is just not right. Our site is not your dumping ground and when we do not post on our site, please respect that. If the brand you handle really wants their products on our site, form a collaboration with us. We would love to experience your product and be able to tell our readers what it was like from our perspective in a more personal manner which would make it more legitimate. We would love to exercise our creativity and come up with campaigns and ways to show off the brand if it is something we believe in.
  3. Please never use your tokens or GC’s to entice us to an event. Yes, a lot of us need to make a living but it is quite insulting when “may token ako para sa inyo / may GC naman punta ka na” becomes part of the invitation. We will attend if there is a story we can tell that would be of interest to our readers.
  4. SHOO AWAY GATECRASHERS. Please, they leave a bad taste. I do not understand why some of you are worried that they will badmouth the brand. There is a reason why they were not invited in the first place. They are brave only because they are tolerated. There are PR who outright refuse them entry and they no longer attempt to gatecrash. If all of the PR just learn this, these cretins won’t have the audacity to do what they do.
  5. During events, a well organized one trumps almost anything. It can be done at a small venue but if the media can experience the brand, have a well lit place for photos and have someone ensure that everyone gets the chance to take said photos with the brand ambassadors or brand officers, it will be a win-win situation for all of us.
  6. Lastly, please do not make the media wait more than an hour for an event to start. We all have deadlines to meet and places to go to. More than 2 hours of waiting is just disrespectful of everyone’s time. Everyone just really needs to stop with the whole “its okay to be 2 hours late, it’s just being fashionably late” thing.

At the end of the day, we all have to work together to make brands look awesome. Let’s all work harder to improve things on both ends. Up next will be an article dedicated to DEAR BLOGGERS.

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Kathy Ngo

more than what you hope for ... less than what you assume ... always a suprise. #StandOutMNL

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