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Apart from the standard requirements of how a company works – from the brains behind it all, the executives that make sure everything is in check, the employees that make things happen, towards clients that enable or purchase said vision, all the way to partners that enable the process towards all of the cogs that make the machine work efficiently. Perhaps the most important of all the pieces coming together is the information they all share. Confidence in the security of whatever is shared within must stay within lest a collapse happen from something as simple as data breach.

Countdown to Data Privacy, a symposium geared towards keeping all the important information within the company, organized by Disini & Disini Law Office, aims to share the information to organizations, companies, and associations amid the complexity and breadth of the topic, on being able to comply with Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA).

Helmed by recognized authorities in the field of data privacy, Countdown to Data Privacy hopes to assist organizations in fully aligning the DPA. Hon. Raymund E. Liboro, Hon. Ivy Patdu, and Atty. Francis Acero of the National Privacy Commission, together with the Disini Data Privacy Core Team spearheaded by Atty. JJ Disini, shall share their insights on the methods by which organizations should undertake their own compliance processes, as well as on critical issues such as the role of information security in the compliance process, the best practices for breach management, the impact of the DPA on certain industries, and the proper application of the exceptions set forth in the DPA.

As the compliance period draws ever closer to conclusion, it is imperative that all organizations are properly equipped with the means to comply with the DPA. For organizations who have yet to begin their own compliance processes, the road to compliance begins today.

Countdown to Data Privacy is also sponsored by Sun Life Financial and Citibank. For more information, please visit For seat reservations, you may reach the secretariat (PMCM Events Management) at 0917 8344978 or 501 0029. You may also send your queries via email to

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