Afternoon High Tea at Connect Lounge, Marco Polo Ortigas

What is afternoon high tea, you might ask?

Some would say it is, quite literally, a high serving of  carefully crafted pastries, open-face sandwiches and delectable treats on a display like so:

Hence, the height of the presentation named it so.

Joking aside, afternoon tea at the Connect Lounge at Marco Polo’s 24th floor allows you to enjoy meetings, discussions, and the quick get-together or simply a way of waiting for Cucina, found on the same floor to open, with select pastries and finger sandwiches, scones, and cake perfectly matched with options of coffee, tea, juices, soft or hard drinks overlooking Ortigas City.

The offering for the season were indeed delectable starting from the scones and apple turnover from the top with just the right crunch and buttery texture and taste complimenting the coffee I was having.

The open-faced sandwiches of different deli were assembled properly dressed just the right way to both keep the contents in place and to ad that extra bit of layer of flavor to either compliment or contrast the ham slices with tomatoes and lettuce leaves.

The sweets located below in the form of cakes and concoctions earned a special mention for the mango and coconut tapioca that cleansed the palette with the refreshing taste of mango swimming in tropical coconut cream properly and softly textured by the tapioca bits to round out the profile.

The surprise of a lava cake at the end with chocolate and vanilla cream on the side wonderfully capped off the experience setting our tummies right before the last sip of the drinks we had paired with the treats.

Marco Polo’s Connect Lounge also offers ala carte options of sandwiches and Japanese rolls among others to cater to those that are looking for something more filling.

The afternoon high tea set menu is priced at Php 650 nett good for two persons with options of either coffee or tea available from Mondays to Sunday from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM only.

Drew Uy

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