Cold Brew + Matcha = Chill at Starbucks

Once midyear hits, you can always expect something new from Starbucks PH and this time around, they have jumped in the bandwagon of cold brew and matcha. Yes, you read that right. Starbucks now lets you make your own cold brew right at home as well as your very own green tea matcha because with the rains coming down on us, you often find yourself just wanting to chill at home and sipping your drink.


For those who are not well versed in the world of coffee, a cold brew is defined as follows:

  1. 1.
    (of a drink) brewed using room-temperature or cold water.
    “a small refrigerator held many bottles of cold-brew coffee”
  1. 1.
    chilled coffee made from grounds that have been steeped in room-temperature or cold water for several hours.
    “I fixed myself a large cup of cold brew and got to work”

Personally, I think that cold brew is simply coffee that has been brewed longer and it tastes better because it is steeped for 24 hours minimum.


Matcha on the other hand has been around and has had so many versions of it come out that it’s become a staple.

  1. powdered green tea leaves, dissolved in hot water to make tea or used as a flavoring.
    “all you need is matcha, boiling water, a milk of your choice, and honey”
    • tea made with matcha.
      “models were spotted sipping bright green matcha”


For this pack, it really is best to serve it with milk to tone down the burst of matcha if you’re not ready for it. The milk makes the taste a bit more subtle.

Whatever make you chill, Starbucks has something for you. You can either visit them in their stores which has become a third place or get these packages to go and make your own drink in the leisure of your home.

Kathy Ngo

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