Closeup Ever Fresh #CloserThanEver with LizQuen

Closeup welcomes the arrival of the new Closeup Ever Fresh toothpaste together with the newest Closeup Couple, Liza Soberano and Enrique GIl.

The campaign kicked-off in a series of events and challenges between Liza and Enrique daring them to get #CloserThanEver. The first challenge came in the form on the shrinking room that pushes Liza and Enrique together in a room where walls start closing in on each other after the button has been pressed.

The second #CloserThanEver challenge came in a form of a Stare Down contest looking for the person that blinks first all the while distracted by ninjas with feathers for tickling and an off-screen chicken to nudge the other person to blink.

Finally, the third and final challenge came down to a fan vote as Closeup pooled netizens to making a vote on the next task chosen by supporters and fans. The top three contenders were left with the Hula Hoop, the Red Jelly, and the Spotlight Squeeze – each with its own pros and cons like how the couple should be able to keep a hula hoop afloat with both of them in it or a modern version of a stop dance with the spotlight indicating where they should freeze. The Red jelly won the fan votes in the final ten minutes leading up to the reveal in front of the live audience where a strip of sour jelly is placed between the mouths of the couple and each have to take turns biting of a piece until the time runs out. The first to pull away loses the challenge.

When asked all Enrique had to say was that “We’re super thrilled to be part of the Closeup family because it’s an iconic brand! And the cool challenges that led to our #CloserThanEver moments we super fun and kilig,’ after taking a sip of water to wash down the sour strip of jelly. “While going through the challenges, we really put the NEW Closeup Ever Fresh to the test. True enough, it lasted us the whole day,” added Liza right beside Enrique.

Since the NEW Closeup Ever Fresh gives you confidence to get closer, LizQuen asks their fans to include it as the perfect addition to their daily kit and routine. For up to 12 hours of fresh breath and the confidence to get #CloserThanEver, user the NEW Closeup Ever Fresh – featuring the freshest look and the freshest flavor only from Closeup.

Have you tried Closeup Ever Fresh for yourself? Let us know what you think of the latest Closeup formula to keep you fresh over on Twitter with #CloseupxMNLMash and tag @ginuhit.

Mabuhay Manila.

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