Clay Your Way with L’Oreal Clay Masks

Much as we want to deny, guys have facial skin problems too. The difference, it’s sometimes more intense and partially complex. Why? Since our faces, according to studies, get multiple problems in different areas.

Case in point, most of the oils come from the T zone up to some parts of the S zone above the cheeks. The solution? Multi-mask!

It’s simple, as I have tried myself, use clay masks specified for taget areas and target problems. Fortunately for you L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask has the solution in set-form thanks to a package via Lazada for only P399 PHP for three different masks.

The Anti-Pores Clay softens skin and eliminates dead cells which obstruct pores. This is placed on the T Zone to regulate sebum (oil) secretion to manageable levels.

The Hydration Clay removes dirt and is intensely hydrated to refresh and moisturize the skin. The mentholated feel from the Lemon Balm helps pores relax allowing more of the solution to seep in.

The Illumination Clay rejuvinates and renews the skin reviving the radiant glow paired with softness to boot.

The results? I tried multiple clays in target areas acvording to the indicated and intended use.  Immediately, a fresher, more healthy feel after washing off the clay with a moistened towel. It feels as if my old skin just got peeled off. We have yet to gain results from prolonged periods of use.

What do you think of using clay masks? Have you tried it out yourself? Let us know at the comments section below.

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