Cinderella by Kids Acts Review

It’s just for kids this version of Cinderella, it seems, as there was hardly any dialogue but songs and numbers for hours on end. Cinderella by Kids Acts fills every dress change, transition, apparent emotion with songs and more songs even for something as simple as agreement. From the get go a 20 minute sequence summarizing the story took place that was filled with a lot of bridges, refrains, and odd choruses. For the kids, this might be something quite enjoyable and seeing as this is targeted to kids, it should work out just fine.

As the story was finally set to begin, numerous characters who are normally not seen in the original Cinderella and numbers plagued the scene. The experience for the children came through when the 4th wall was broken to let kids in on a surprise. This was possibly the best part of the entire experience.

How the musical was directed could have been channeled into a more decisive manner as there were many scenes that felt out of sorts. If you are familiar with the story of Cinderella, it will leave you with a feeling of dejavu coz it gives you that sense of familiarity but it also leaves you feeling a little confused because there were enough changes that would make you go “hmmm?” However, the children seemed to have enjoyed it and at the end of the day, it is the children’s enjoyment that matters most.

Drew Uy

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