Cindeltox White Cream and Snow Feeling

One of the first beauty products that we visited in the Korean Product Exhibit was the Cindeltox White Cream. This baby is popular in Thailand, Vietnam, and of course Korea but it will just be launched in the Philippines soon. The Cindeltox White Cream aims to whiten and repair your skin to give you that young looking skin that glows from within.

Cindeltox White Cream is made of 100% Gluthathione Powder and is composed of Gluthathione + Thioctic Acid + Vitamin C. It aids in melanin formation which then yields an effect of a lipoic acid on B16 melanoma. It helps to immediately whiten skin over a short period of time.

Using it is also easy because you just need to apply this after putting on lotion. Just dab an appropriate amount to the forehead, cheeks, and jaw as well as dark parts of the body and the softly massage. Make sure that you do it from the inside of your face towards an outward direction. You can do this once in the morning and once at night for better results.

While vitamins C and E are the most well-known antioxidant supplements, because they neutralize free radicals, glutathione has the added benefit of being a powerful antioxidant because glutathione exists within the cell. Glutathione is found in every type of cell, including cells in the immune system. This is why when you use products with gluthathione, you do not only improve your skin’s outward appearance, you also improve things from within.

Cindeltox White Cream will be available in the Philippines soon so watch out for that. For now, if you happen to be near SM Aura tomorrow, July 16, head on over to the 3rd floor and indulge in some Korean goodness.


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