Cebu Pacific Customer Command Center

Cebu Pacific has been inundated with customer complaints left and right. Not a week passes by that you won’t see a friend travelling complaining about a delayed flight from Cebu Pacific. In fact, it has become a standing joke that if you fly Cebu Pacific, you will most likely be delayed.

Thankfully, Cebu Pacific has not been turning a blind eye and has in fact gone all out in its customer-first initiative with the unveiling of it’s Customer Command Center. CEB is among the first airline in Asia to invest in an integrated facility and technology for social intelligence and customer engagement.

Tasked to assist travelers on their concerns and inquiries, the 24/7 command center is equipped with social monitoring, publishing, and engagement tools. The CEB Command Center which went online last August is manned by 55 strong integrated customer care team. Aside from CEB’s official Facebook and Twitter pages, they also handle schedule changed through the hotline. The team also works closely with the airline’s Network Control Center, especially during weather or other flight disruptions, so it can provide passengers witht he most updated information and options.

The new CEB Customer Command Center is the result of a broader transformation across the airline, where customer care and passenger experience are increasingly entrenched in the airline’s operations. Recently, CEB has allocated over Php100M for 35 DPLs or disbled passenger lifts – the first carrer to invest in facilities that cater to the needs of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRMs). The DPLs will allow the PWD and the PRM to board and deplane aircraft safely, easil, and definitely more comfortably.

We can now expect a faster response time to our complaints since the Customer Command Center has committed to responding within an hour of receivin the complaint. Hopefully, this will be able to address all concerns and improve the quality of service that Cebu Pacific provides it’s customers.

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