CARE DIVAS: special OFW tribute run

What’s it like to be gay or transgender in the Philippines? Difficult, I’d have to imagine.
Harder still for Roman Catholics who have a one-sided view against the LGBTQ community. Even more so for conservative Muslims that will ask for public whipping.

It’s already hard try to find your light in our melting pot of cultures.

But have you considered how much harder it is for OFWs that only want to be given the opportunity to be comfortable in their own skin?

Even more so when thrown into a society of Orthodox Jews in Israel smack dab in the backdrop of Intifada (Palestinian uprising against Israeli rule/occupation.)

This the where the story starts for the CAREDIVAS: a musical tribute to our (overseas Filipino Worker) OFW heroes.

The musical opens in Israel that introduces 5 OFW caregivers in the morning and transform into D’ Nightingales at night. It’s both about them and also about the real struggles of our daily heroes that sacrificed so much in order to make sure their families have sustenance.

It’s real for them. It’s real for the audience. After the glamorous, flamboyant introductions, after all the colors, and feathers, and glitters, you are left with the real hard truth. You are left with the hardships, the trials, the challenges of what it really takes to leave your family behind in order to set a better future for them.

CAREDIVAS delves into the intricate, complex and foreign life of those same family members many Filipinos have relied to so much. It’s a roller coaster of humor, wit, and tears amid trying to make ends meet, amid the struggle to search for acceptance in a land that will not pause to try to understand them.

The 2011 musical transcends the obvious and delves deeper into the story of migration and immigrant workers and the dark, gritty, dirty, and dangerous line of duty that our fellow countrymen have to go through on a daily basis. This is encountered by a majority of OFWs and it is through the resilient, and steadfast nature of our blood that we find camaraderie, adventure, and passion amongst ourselves.

This special run of CAREDIVAS will run from 24th June 2017 until 30th July 2017 and is aimed towards the non-theater goers. It is aimed for those the message is meant for the family members of the OFWs. In partnership with Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, the collaboration aims to tell everyone that this is their life there, in musical form, but it is for them we do this, it is for them we have CAREDIVAS.

Here’s the full impromptu performance with a number:

Drew Uy

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