Care Divas takes seriousness with a dose of punch lines

I will have to begin and end this article without giving away too much of the plot so bear with me here.

Care Divas, if you haven’t already seen it, takes on the grit, the hardships, and the struggles of (overseas Filipino Worker) OFWs in a society of Orthodox Jews in Israel smack dab in the backdrop of Intifada (Palestinian uprising against Israeli rule/occupation.) OFWs that only want to be given the opportunity to be comfortable in their own skin.

This the where the story starts for the CAREDIVAS: a musical tribute to our OFW heroes.

The musical opens in Israel that introduces 5 OFW caregivers in the morning and transform into D’ Nightingales at night. It’s both about them and also about the real struggles of our daily heroes that sacrificed so much in order to make sure their families have sustenance.

But it’s all deeper than just gays making it in drag to trying to make a name for themselves under the limelight, under the pressure of enabling those they left behind in the Philippines, under the constant fear of being deported back.

Care Divas explores the internal struggles of each of the characters in a way that is relatable across all palettes that draws you in with all the wit and humor – reflective of the Filipino spirit.

Underneath it all, even after hardships and disappointments, there is hope for everyone involved.

This special run of CARE DIVAS will run from 24th June 2017 until 30th July 2017 and is aimed towards the non-theater goers. It is aimed for those the message is meant for the family members of the OFWs. In partnership with Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, the collaboration aims to tell everyone that this is their life there, in musical form, but it is for them we do this, it is for them we have CARE DIVAS.

Drew Uy

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