Camera-Off: Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom vs Samsung Galaxy S8+

Are two cameras better than one?  We’ll find out on this camera-off pitting the Korean favorite vs the Taiwanese flagship. Before you continue on with this article, go ahead a choose a winner for yourself and see if the results are the same for you at the end.

We can all start with the the Zenfone 3 Zoom that packs not one but two 12MP cameras with the main camera set at f/1.7 that measures 28mm and f/2.8 for the 56mm secondary camera with capabilities of up to 2.3x optical zoom. What this allows is better ‘zooming’ capabilities without sacrificing on details and quality.

The S8+ carries its lone 12MP camera from last year with spec bumps and overall performance enhancements set at f/1.7 that measures 26mm.

This shot below takes on HDR as well as when an object is within the frame. Seen here the Zenfone 3 Zoom had a better grasp of the tiny clouds at the back with some color into the sky while maintaining details albeit on the colder side of the spectrum.

The familiar results for the Galaxy S8+ results in bright, vibrant, and vivid shots seen above with more of the reds, pinks and oranges popping out of the scene. The clouds at the back are a little bit whitewashed since the software focused on getting more color in.

Both these photos were taken indoors with just the ambient lighting for the shot:

The Zoom struggled a little bit in looking for ample lighting resulting in a darker frame seen on the right though details are still crisp right down to the cuts of the sandwhices.

The S8+ auto adjusted to take the shot with a slower shutter speed (though still in auto mode) resulting in a brighter version of the sandwich although a touch softer on the take. There was also a bit of a focusing problem as the camera zoned in on the logo of the cafe resulting in a blur on the sandwich and the foreground altogether.

This shot was assisted with LED lighting seen on the lower right ans the results are much the same for either cameras. Some of the differences will show that the S8+ is slightly paler on the spectrum when comparing both the grilles. Notable changes will come in the form of the color of the Kimchi which is more red for the Zoom. All greens and yellows of either photos are at par with one another here.

It’s much the same results for nighttime shots with only the ambient lights to assist the frame.

The Samsung shooter focuses on making the image brighter with vividness and vibrancy though allowing a little bit of a noise into the shot. Blacks are much deeper for the Zoom seen here focusing on color accuracy more than brightness as seen on the trees below and the lilies for the street shot. Notice also that the S8+ version is a little bit warmer compared to that of the cooler, more white version for the Zoom.

Which one do you think won it for you? Let us know at the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit.

Mabuhay, Manila.

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