Camella recognizes OFWs

Two compelling short films released by Camella recently, paying tribute to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) hit the online community hard as it made emotional connection to millions of people. The saga of OFWs are placed on center stage to lend testimony to the untold stories of our unsung heroes and how they persevered despite the challenges they faced.

A father’s painful sacrifice

In the video titled “Carding”, a young father working somewhere in the Middle East as a technician, battles physical and emotional abuse from his employer by constantly looking at a photo of his wife and son, to remind himself of the sacrifices he must endure in order to  give them a better life.

When Carding returned home, eager to finally spend time with his wife and son, he discovered that his beloved wife replaced him with another man and his son does not recognize him at all.

The realization that he lost his family was too painful to bear. Despite the circumstances, he turned his life around and managed to start over a new life in his new home.

A mother’s selfless love

The second video “Norma”, tells the story of a mother who left her children back home, in order to earn a decent living as a caregiver in a home-for-the-aged facility in London. Resigned to doing a variety of exhausting menial tasks in the facility all day, Norma still finds time to do long-distance parenting to her children by calling them regularly.

Unseen behind every phone call she makes to her children, Norma feels that she is being taken for granded and only appreciated by the amount of money she sends back home.

Finally, Norma’s sacrifices bear fruit as her daughter graduates from college. Unbeknownst to her children, Norma went home and bought a house intending to surprise them. Aided with an intriguing invitation, Norma’s children found themselves inside a pleasant home with their mother waiting for them. Surprised, the children hugged their mother tight and Norma’s daughter uttered: “Mas gusto naming nandito ka, Ma.” All the pain Norma harboured were simply washed away as she feels the appreciation long overdue from her children.

Mixed reactions and comments

The protagonist’s stories depicted in the two short films ends in a positive tone as they bravely move on with their lives despite the setbacks caused by their loved ones. Carding, although alone, chose to start over and face new adventures ahead; while Norma gamely takes the role of  a mother again to her grown up children.

 “Really touching ‘coz it is real. Indeed, going home to spend time with your children is what makes that house of Camella a perfect home…salute to OFW and Camella for being a part of their story.” – Michelle Barion

“Finally, so far, best video ng Camella. Tagos sa puso. Nangyayari sa totoong buhay. Nakakaawa ‘yung mga OFW na niloloko lang ng mga asawa nila. Kawawa din ‘yung mga naiwan sa Pinas na niloloko ng asawa nila na nasa ibang bansa. But this video gives hope for everyone, na kahit anong dapa o gaano ka kadapa, still pwede kang bumangon.” – Eigle Anim

Mabuhay Manila. Mabuhay OFWs.

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