Cafe del Mar’s New Menu

Easily recognizable from the main entrance of Venice Piazza is a brightly-lit cafe called Cafe Del Mar. They’re not new to the scene but everything they are offering have just been refreshed to cater to a wider market.

The recent changes introduced a Filipino-Spanish cum Mediterranean cuisine complete with, honestly, analysis-paralysis by the number of things available to order.

Just from the selections alone the chef recommends 8 differently styled, differently prepared meals for the best experience.
We were started with a traditional Caesar salad (Php 380) with varying opinions on the amount of the dressing. We have suggested to place the dressing on the side so the customer has free reign on the amount.
The Cafe Del Mar Pasta (Php 430) was not too salty despite being served with a lot of bacon chunks. Creamy and filling option.
The Tres Marias (Php 590) which is essentially a starter platter is great for sharing with the calamari, fish sticks, and wings. Ask for beer on the side from Empire Bar across to enjoy this with friends.

This Cafe Del Mar Pizza ( Php 610) was served with a large amount of toppings but the hero of the dish, the dough, failed in many aspects of the pizza.


The Clubhouse sandwich (Php 420) is good for sharing and has a generous serving of fries.
Generous is what we can say about this Seafood Paella (Php 820) complete with the crispy bottom. Filling and good.

The Baby Back Ribs (Php 1,110) was just the right amount of tender, flaky, saucy and smoky.


The grilled salmon (Php 720) was cooked properly with just the right amount of sauce and seasoning.

The overall experience is a standard affair with Cafe Del Mar checking all the right boxes with a good dining experience. That being said, their was amiss with three different cuisines seeking for attention and nothing standing out from the rest. Yes, the food is good. That’s it. No glowing recommendation as a highlight of a restaurant.

How was your visit to Cafe del Mar recently? Let us know at the comments section below or via Twitter @MNLMashFood.

Mabuhay Manila.
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