Cafe 8 goes Arabic

Only available until the 20th of August 2017, Cafe 8 offers up flavors from the Middle East sure to spice up your appetite.

Aside from the classics and favorites, Crimson Hotel Filinvest brought in Arabian flair into their menu for a limited time.

Options include hummus, babaganoush, Moroccan couscous salad, lamb leg, chicken shawarma, sambousek, beef kofta among so many other options.

I started with the spicy lamb and chickpea soup where stock works well to set the appetite with tender lamb bits and properly cooked veggies and chickpeas. It was generally spiced but not spicy. Flavorful and a hearty belly warmer.

This chickpea salad is equal parts fresh and earthy with a tang near the end from the dressing.

The eggplant babaganoush mushy and sour perfect on pita couscous has balanced starchyness with the salsa and just the right amount of spice.

The shish tahouk is tender and smoky that’s slightly lacking in spice which is complemented well with the onion salsa.

The shrimp kabsa places fresh shrimps on top of seasoned and spiced basmatti swirling in caramelized onions.

The chunky beef fatah lacks a bit on the spice side and needed a little bit of a kick which can easily be absorbed by the couscous if it does get too hot or if you take matters into your own hands and add hot sauce over it.

Lamb okra is tender and balanced with okra that worked to brush off some of the gaminess of the meat.

The chicken shawarma is properly spiced, dressed with veggies and your choice of sauce stuffed inside a pita bread.

Stuffed dates are creamy with a crunch layered with natural sweetness and nutty flavor.

The semolina based halva had crunch and texture packed with sweetness amd earthyness. The cheese based version is creamy, airy and fresh.

The pumpkin pie is sweet and jammy.

In case Arabian cuisine doesn’t suit your taste, classic Italian, Filipono, American and Japanese dishes are also available.

Cafe 8 offers up all these items and more for Php 1,235++ for lunch and Php 1410++ for dinner where either options offer free flowing drinks.

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Mabuhay, Manila.

Drew Uy

I do words, food, coffee, and photos. Hit me up on Twitter @ginuhit

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