BPI-Philam sends out good VIBEs

BPI-Philam launched their first-in-the-country customer service center in Makati located at the BPI-Philam Ayala headquarters.

Right from the get-go the executives and marketing decided on a different take of opening ceremony replacing the traditional ribbon cutting with the lace-tying of shoes signifying that ‘we’re ready to go’ after our laces have been tied.

BPI-Philam wants to change the conversation of how Filipinos view life insurance from sickness and death to life, health, and living. Hence, the concept of their flagship customer service center, Vibe, supported by their wellness-series products.

Vibe stands for BPI-Philam’s vibrant and fully functional center dedicated to quality client servicing amongst the long line of offerings.

The state-of-the-art facility employs a lot of what will keep the customer’s mind at ease from your very first step into the facility with a welcoming brand ambassador to extend both help and information for anyone who may not know where to start.

Comfortable seats are easily accessible with kiosks and rooms also ready to serve clients, share information in private rooms, as well as making sure insurance be viewed as something to keep on living with a fun and convenient experience.

To share the experience further to their customers, BPI-Philam has collaborated with Praxis, a game-making company that specializes in customizing games aimed at financial education, to create their own version of a board game. Think Monopoly with a merge of Game of Life. The adventures of the ‘trainee’ that’s everyone on the game at first, walks through the course of different scenarios that land you a job upgrade, collect savings and retirement funds, enter the stock market, and, externally, a cycle of the economy through ‘breaking news’ by the game master.

Curve balls were thrown left and right where suddenly, a health-check is needed to surpass a stage, or an accident has happened. Fortunately for everyone on the team, each got a wellness-series product that let us all go through the hurdle without a hitch. without it, we would have needed to liquidate our assets and probably declare bankruptcy. In sum, BPI-Philam wants to tell everyone that getting a policy does not equate to death. An investment with cushions on life goal needs are also included if you get it from BPI-Philam wellness-series offerings. Go ahead and visit the Vibe head quarters today to learn more!

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