Did you know Betadine has more than two uses?

This may come as a surprise that Povidone-Iodine has more applications than your humble go-to wound care. The same medicine can be used to cleanse water from bacteria in times of emergencies where potable water is not readily available.

This is the same message, Mundipharma, a global pharmaceutical firm, wants to send the Filipinos through the extension of its flagship product Betadine product portfolio, a leading antiseptic brand in the Philippines.

The firm is introducing a range of applications under the Betadine line including:

Povidone-Iodine (Betadine) Dry Powder Spray for wound care for wound care and Povidone-Iodine (Betadine) Throat Spray for throat and oral care in innovative delivery formats to meet the needs of consumers seeking antimicrobial remedies either at home or on-the-go.
Betadine Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash adds items to the company’s portfolio focusing on women’s daily hygiene. Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash has gentle defense lactic acid and anti-itch avena oats for smooth daily cleansing and protection.
Betadine Cold Defense Nasal Spray, a first-of-its-kind product that offers all-natural, non-drug, non-steroidal formulation that focuses on common colds at the source, the sore, allowing faster recovery compared to no treatment.

Mundipharma CEO Raman Singh says that “the company’s continued investment in the Philippines indicates its confidence in the country’s attractive growth outlook in the consumer healthcare market, backed by growing consumer demand for trusted brands.”

“The Philippines is a high-growth ‘powerhouse’ healthcare market where access, value and product quality are drivers of consumer preference. Our aim is to ensure we are relevant to the increasing expectations of the consumer, bringing more for the millions of people beyond the fringe of traditional healthcare.

We are doing this now by introducing a high-quality range of BETADINE® products and treatments supported by a digitally enabled network of partners and medical professionals,” he adds.

A heartfelt call from Mundipharma Philippines Country Manager, Gerry Amadeo, asked for their partners and supporters to band together in making the country a healthier place with their extended Betadine product range and an increase in distribution around the country.

“As well as extended distribution, other investment areas include a focus on talent acquisition
and training as well as the integration of digital apps and online information to improve access and education of healthcare professionals.

“Given the Philippines’ high rates of mobile connectivity and rising smartphone penetration, e-health and smartphone applications will be critical to improving healthcare access and knowledge,” he adds.

Mundipharma Philippines was established in 2005. It has a strong and growing presence, specialising in Pain Management, Consumer Health, Respiratory, Oncology and Oncology Supportive Care. The company employs 160 people.

Mundipharma and the BETADINE® brand is the global consumer healthcare partner of English Premier League giants, Manchester City Football Club.

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