Beauty and the Beast REP style

Repertory Theater for Young Audiences retells the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast from the book written by Peter Del Valle and John Ahearn, music by Michael Valenti, and lyrics by Elsa Rael.

Taking cues from a French novel of the same title published in 1740, Rep’s version of Beauty and the Beast follows a doting father of three daughters who wanders into an enchanted garden as he tries to take shelter from the storm. Having promised his youngest daughter a rose to bring home with him after his journeys, a beautiful rose catches his attention as he decides to pick a rose from the bush.

Without knowing that the roses are magical, the father angers Beast who owns the garden. As punishment, Beast is promised the girl who asked for the rose in exchange for the father’s freedom.

The latest take of RTYA delves away from the version we have all come to know and grew up with making this rendition of the story a worthy play to watch without boring the kids.

It is highly encouraged to not set your expectations towards full productions of “Be Our Guest” complete with dancing feather dusters and an ensemble of candelabras prancing about trying to serve Belle, this case, Beauty, her first ever magical dinner. Do expect simple and clean numbers by the actors and an easy enough tune on songs for kids to be able to hum and probably sing right after, too if they were paying attention.

There will be interactive parts to the play and I encourage you to let your kids react to questions the cast might throw your way. There’s a reason why they broke the fourth wall and it’s for them.

By the time the curtain drops RTYA hopes to have imparted learning for the children from encouraging them to love beyond appearances and the true meaning of selflessness.

Bring the kids to the theater and let them see a different kind of Beauty and the Beast directed by Joy Virata.

The show will run until the 14th of December 2017 at Onstage, Greenbelt 1, Makati City. Tickets are available by calling REP at 8433570 or Ticketworld at 8919999.

Go to the theater!

Mabuhay Manila.

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  • August 23, 2017 at 2:04 am

    It was really different but denitely memorable. Even the young at heart would enjoy it.


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