Batman + Anime = dope

Think Avatar: The Last Airbender with Batman in it. Hard to imagine? Here’s a version imagined by Cartoon Network titled Bat Man of Shanghai (that wasn’t a typo) with special appearances by a Chinese Catwoman, and a Chinese Bane (masquerading as a rickshaw-puller).

It’s a three-part series packed with all the styles and techniques of Chinese animation complete with soundtrack.

Here we see Catwoman stealing the stolen Scroll of Destiny enabled with her signature feline-like agility and her trusty whip. Kung fu is a mainstay here, of course.

Bane makes a short appearance on the first episode and rewinds a bit for the second episode to follow his progress in obtaining the Scroll of Destiny.

Finally, our Dark Night makes an appearance to take the Scroll away from those who stole the stolen Scroll. The powers of a “bat” here are given a different meaning comically superimposed by paper puppets as a means of reminding you that this is taking place in a different timeline altogether.

What do you think of this version of “Bat Man?” Let us know at the comments section below or on Twitter via @MNLMash.

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