Jazzed-up classics at the Batangas Food Festival 2017

When asked about food, Manilenyos would usually point the general direction of Pampanga, Ilocos and the northern provinces; or towards Quezon province, Tagaytay, and some other pockets. It has therefore become a surprise to many that Batangas also excels in the culinary field.

Why haven’t the Batangueños been known to shell out amazing dishes? The local joke goes that “We want to keep the food for ourselves, those who want to discover it will have to come here and experience it for themselves.”

Kidding aside, the Batangueños are a proud people with a good chunk of doctors hailing from the quite province. More than that, they have the culinary chops to be more proud of, too.

It was for the 35th anniversary of Matabungkay Beach Hotel and Resort that brought prominent families together and share their age-old family recipes to the visiting crowd of the hotel located at Lian, Batangas.

Dubbed as the ‘Batangas Food Festival,’ the task was to create a 35 item menu sharing the tastes of what the locals grew-up with hailing from the forefathers and mothers passed-on through the generations. The result was that 7 heirloom recipes were then uncovered originating from provinces within Batangas to share to visitors.

A great example of that is the humble lomi that everyone has already been enjoying for centuries. The difference is that this specific recipe comes from the secret books of the legendary, late, Nora Daza, a gourmet celebrity chef know for her segment and books ‘Cooking with the Dazas’ way back when, called the ‘Lomi ng Lipa’ as crafted by Nina Daza-Puyat.

Another treasure was shared by the Limjoco-Lejano clan with their ‘Pesang Maya-maya with Ginisanfg Kamatis at Miso’ through Alex Limjoco who shared their own story as everyone was enjoying the feast before them. Chef Nancy “Adobo Queen” Reyes-Lumen also shared some of the dishes they enjoy at home on a regular basis from the ‘Rodrigo’s Roast Pork’ towards ‘Crispy Adobong Manok sa Kapeng Barako’ that marries a staple Filipino dish with a staple Batangas name-stay dubbed as the ‘strongest coffee in the Philippines.’

Surprises in drinks come in the form of ‘Ala-Eh Mojito’ that spices up the cocktail, quite literally, complete with an entire chili not just as a garnish but also as an ingredient for the drink; as well as the ‘blue-ya’ (a wordplay on ‘luya’ which translates to ginger) that’s also very warm for the tummy but changes color right before your eyes after a squeeze of calamansi.

The Batangas Food Festival will exclusively be available to Matabungkay Beach Hotel and Resort starting from November 2017 to the end of December 2017.


All 30 food items and 5 drinks will be available to order a la carte from the special menu of the hotel. The Batangas Food Festival was birthed by Matabungkay Beach Hotel with the vision to place the traditional Batangas cuisine at the forefront to usher the incorporation of emerging trend by introducing jazzed-up classics.

For more information visit www.matabungkaybeachhotel.com or call (02) 752-5252.

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