Bai: A David Wilde x ZeeJacob Production

Sometimes, you just need something to make you smile or laugh. Today, the source of our laughter and smile is none other than our friend from Cebu, Mr. David Jones Cue who dropped a music video so awesome it already has over 30,000 views.

David currently lives in Cebu and proclaims that he is your favorite gay guy which is very easy to believe because what’s not to like with David? He is hot, talented, driven, passionate, and always has a witty remark ready to be thrown.

David modelled in the past and now works in a digital firm but on the side, he creates mad videos like this.

Now the video may bring good vibes but it also discusses something serious. The video is in Bisaya and talks about straight guys that like to play around with gay guys on the side. It is funny and light. It also showcases the talent of David as a singer and the cinematography gives you an indie vibe crossed over with a music video that is professionally done from the intro right down to the part where he falls in the water. We also love the play on lights because it makes the video surreal and just out of this world.

MNLmash supports this project because it talks about something that is rarely spoken in public company. There are many guys who claim to be straight and play around with gay guys and this is just akin to a player who messes with a girl. No one should have to suffer through heartbreak just because someone can’t decide what their sexuality is. In this day and age where the notion of sex being fluid is now becoming more acceptable, people need to be more definitive on what they want so we can all avoid saying, “Unsa man ka Bai?” (translation: Ano ka ba friend? / What are you friend?)

Congratulations to David for this awesome video and anyone who needs some good vibes should watch and just marvel at this pure talent.


Music Produced by Santi Osmena
Directed by Dennis Bersales
Grooming by Janice Thebeautyfairy
Styling by The BLAQ MAFIA // White jacket from Ixa Escario

Special Thanks to TOP and Liv Superclub


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