The advent of going live with the Asus Zenfone Live

It’s not always that you get the chance to see something big unfold before your very eyes. It is not always a mini revolution of something new that introduces itself, have it shown to your face and forced down your throat, by an app that always wants to try to be ahead of the game by getting all the good parts of the competition, amid shitty internet speeds, amid even slower data reception, amid expensive data allowances.

Yet, we are faced with the advent of the phenomenon that is livestreaming.

All three major social applications, namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been adjusting to make ‘going live’ the next big thing.

We are all still in the midst of finding the best way to maximize on new technology, at least here in the Philippines, with only  a few brands being brave enough to showcase their events.

Today, more than ever, productions are made to go live, with many aspects of how a brand presents on the live stage beingshifted towards making sure pieces of the program fit perfectly and properly into place to satisfy critical audiences.

Amid all the noise and the buzz, what are start-up bloggers and ambassadors to do but try to catch up? Fortunately for you, there are those listening. Case in point, Asus with the Zenfone Live.

The Zenfone Live is a modest piece of equipment whose sole purpose is to add beautification while you are live on either Facebook, Instagram or Youtube (for now, Twittter application on its way.)

How this works is that Asus included an app that applies their beautify feature on the front facing camera in video form.

It won’t be the most advanced technology crammed into a phone worth P6,9990 or $140 USD but it does what it’s supposed to do and delivers on unexpected aspects of the phone.

It’s a decent daily driver with the included Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset with 2GB of RAM which is enough for daily apps, tasks and games. So long as you don’t expect NBA 2K17 or Real Racing 3 to run smoothly.

The 13MP rear facing camera is decent with shots assisted with ample lighting.

Selfies are just as good considering you are taking it outdoors with some help from the sun.

2650mAh for the battery will work well with the power efficient specifications that can easily last you 18 hours of standby time with about 3 – 4 hours of screen on time. This will fall dramatically with extended usage of the live stream function to about a good 1.5 hours of screen on time especially while using LTE while live streaming. Let’s be fair guys, that’s a lot of drain for P6,995 pesos worth of hardware.

Audio is tinny at best. Build is solid with a metal meets plastic design that will resist some hits. Expect dents on falls, though.

It’s not water and dust resistant, it’s not hyper performing, it doesn’t even have QuickCharge 3.0 but it will do what it promises to do – allow you to “livestream beautifully” and the Zenfone Live will do it well – which is a rare thing for phones these days, doing what they’re sold to do.

This is a good fit for moms looking for a new phone but don’t want to go over budget, for kids whom you want to stay connected specially for emergencies, for those that want to start going live on a budget.

Here’s our full review of the Zenfone Live done live.

Here’s a team of reviewers doing a full review of the Zenfone Live.

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