Flipping the s out with the Asus Zenbook Flip S

Convertibles have all been the rage for quite some time now with adaptations of a number of technologies that make rotating the monitor of the laptop go around 358° (it can’t, technically, go full 360°).

The Zenbook Flip S employs such a technology to allow the hinges go smoothly its axis without the fear of breaking or coming off.

Featuring a precision-engineered multi-gear metal mechanism (in other words, a sophisticated and complex hinge), the new 360° ErgoLift hinge on the ZenBook Flip S commands a silky-smooth, stepless action, and it holds the display securely at any angle.

Asus assures that the hinges placed in every Flip S is torture tested to up to 20,000 open/close cycles so you don’t have to question durability.

The world’s thinnest convertible packs all the good things 2017 has to offer starting with the 4k UHD resolution display fitted with NanoEdge multitouch that promises clear, crisp, and detialed videos. It also features 178° wide-view technology that allows you clear details at almost any angle except when viewing from the rear.

The Zenbook Flip S is also no slouch in the catering department as it employs the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor, up to 16GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 RAM, an ultra-fast up to 1TB PCIe® Gen 3 SSD, and a USB-C™ port for display output, data transmission and fast charging. It’s practically your yoga-friendly multimedia editor that sits in Starbucks for hours on end to submit deadlines.

In addition to great performance, the Taiwanese manufacturer claims of up to 11.5 hours of usage – which will have to go through user and reviewer testing to verify, of course. This comes in tandem with a quick charging technology that can boost battery power to about 60% in about 49 minutes of charge time.

It comes with the Asus pen for the creatives and the artists as well as Windows Ink for those quick reminders and virtual sticky notes.

Because of the svelte form-factor, Asus decided to let go of most of the ports in place of 2 USB Type-C ports that supports Thunderbolt, and a fingerprint scanner, and opted to included a multi-channel dongle for those that are still living the wired age.

This marvelous piece of engineering starts at $1,099 USD or at Php84,995 and is slated to arrive around July of 2017.

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