Asus VivoBook S: right kind of cheap

Taipei, Taiwan – Asus has just announced the refresh and update of the ‘thin and light’ category with a relatively large array of choices from the Zenbook, the flip, and the VivoBook.

The most affordable of the selection, the VivoBook S, starts at $499 USD which is the base model. Expect prices to start piling up when you hit the ‘upgrade’ button.

The trade-off? Just the form factor. The VivoBook S and the VivoBook Pro are the two new mid-range ultraportables that are slated for the budget-conscious but still desire performance and beauty in tow.

“We did not want to sacrifice and make the VivoBook look ugly despite performance” said Jerry Shih, Chairman of Asus.

The result? A properly crafted device with overall decent performance suited for those with basic needs and a light touch on mid-graphic intensive games.

The flagship VivoBook employs the seventh-generation Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 much like the Zenbook Pro, along with space enough for up to 16GB of RAM including the 512GB SSD + 2TB HDD storage capacities.

In case you need more ‘oomph’ for your buck, fret not a single bit as Asus has the VivoBook Pro as well as a whole line of ZenBooks to choose from. This will be available in the market by July 2017 at Php44,995.

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